The Art of Being Sexy

Women today think being sexy means you have to wear skimpy clothing, and do an awesome cat walk all the time. Nothing can be further from the truth. Lingerie worn correctly can be sexy. Even plus sized women can be sexy. You don’t have to have a models body to be sexy. Being sexy is a frame of mind, and you need to think you are sexy before you can be sexy.

When you see a woman that you think appears to be sexy, ask yourself “what is it about her that makes her sexy”? Being sexy starts with your own thoughts. You need to think of yourself as being sexy first and foremost. Once you start thinking this way, you can begin to transform yourself into a sexy woman. I have seen many fuller figured women that I considered sexy just because of how they carry themselves. Prepagos Ecuador

You need to start with the basics. Find a hair style that compliments your frame, and gives your face that sexy glow. Nothing works like hair. It sets the stage for everything else. Short, unkempt hair will not help you look and feel sexy. That doesn’t mean short hair can’t be sexy. Jamie Lee Curtis proved that! Style, that’s what helps. Next, take a look at your facial features. Use makeup that compliments your face. Don’t gob base on to try and build a foundation. It looks terrible. Use subtle bases that compliment your features and skin tones. Use eye shadow that blends well, and not too heavy. You want to enhance your eyes, not make the eye lids stand out. Dress sexy. Now this doesn’t mean wearing the skimpiest thing you can find. It means starting with your bra and panties. The right under garments can actually make a lot of outfits look sexy. A bra that lifts the bust and creates cleavage, or makes your breasts look fuller can make most outfits sexy. A high buttoned dress with a full breast appearance can look sexy. If you have shapely buttocks, then wear high heels and maybe a thong. What goes under enhances what goes on top.

Lastly, carry yourself sexy. Don’t walk with your head down, or slouch. Walk with your head high. Put one foot in front of the other when you walk to get a sexy swing going. If you carry yourself in a confident manner, it will carry over to others. When you look, use your eyes not your head. Nothing says sexy more than a sideways glance, with your head tilted slightly down. You can practice this in your mirror. Find what look works for you and use it.

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